Thursday, 29 January 2015

How Customer Satisfaction Translates to Brand Loyalty

In the past, businesses focused only on attaining their financial goals by being product or brand-oriented. When the customer-oriented trend started in the 70s, the focus shifted to how businesses can satisfy the needs of their customer, resulting in a longer business relationship.

Customer Service

Being proactive means that even before a problem arises, you must think of steps to prevent these hindrances to your business. Stop being reactive and learn to anticipate different scenarios, especially when it comes to customer service. By being proactive, customers will not need to waste their time to complain about you, your services or your product. The Customer Service Area will cease to be the place where people just lodge their complaints, it would become a tool for you and your customers to communicate and understand each other....

Monday, 26 January 2015

Benefits of Joining Business Organizations

Although there are many types of conventional and unconventional marketing strategies today, the important thing is to establish good, solid connections with your target market and with other businesses as well. This is vital to a business, especially small and medium-scale businesses that are just starting to make their mark in the industry. In connecting with other businesses, nothing beats “face-to-face” communication.