Tuesday, 20 May 2014

With Regret Passing of Mr. Gerry Goldberg

To our Members,

It is with deep regret we wish to inform you that our immediate past President Mr Gerry Goldberg passed away last night.

While out on his evening walk he was hit by a car as he crossed a busy road – police informed the family his death would have been almost instant.

He is survived by his immediate family,  Harry, Errol, Andrew, Robyn, Joshua, Vicky, Paco, Lucas and they would appreciate you respecting their privacy at this sad time. 

Those of us who were close to him during his many years in the Cleaning Industry have lost a great mate.


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Celebrating 40 Years Of The NCSA

2014 heralds in the 40th Anniversary of the National Cleaning Suppliers Association. During the past 40 years NCSA Members have led the cleaning industry through innovation, world class products and training.

Of the 12 original companies, who came together in 1974 to represent the sales and marketing interests of their products, 10 of those are still represented in the 138 Members we have today.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Our New NCSA Digital Marketing Strategy for Members and a New Mobile Friendly Website

The new executive committee has taken a long look, over the last several months, at the Association's direction and have initiated a comprehensive program of re-invention, re-invigoration and re-positioning.
As part of its strategy, to drive business to Members, NCSA will be launching a new website and implement further continuous development of this mobile friendly site and online marketing networks. President Nicol emphasises that this new initiative significantly raises the level of support for Members: 
“End-users and end-purchasers will be specifically targeted by NCSA through the mobile friendly Website and its accompanying digital networks of online marketing and social media.
The Website is being totally re-structured to be the primary source of information for commercial cleaning products, equipment and accessories, throughout Australia. Every Member’s product information will be readily accessed by potential customers through our formidable digital data directory.

Monday, 5 May 2014

A Word From Our President. "Making NCSA Your Association"

Dear Member,
'Industry Associations should have one purpose and one purpose only: To be of direct and practical benefit to Members, both as individuals and as a group'.
The Executive Committee has, over the last several months, explored and developed new initiatives to provide greater levels of direct, practical support to Members.
How to provide that support in the context of the challenges faced by our supplier members to provide quality products at competitive prices, is now our core focus.
To that end, I invite all members to make NCSA 'your' Association by providing the executive with feedback as to your needs, so that we can more effectively allocate the Association's human, material and financial resources.
If you derive your income from our industry i'm inviting you to contribute to the sustainability of both the industry and your business.
I therefore call on you to work more closely with the NCSA Board to continue to grow the cleaning industry and ensure it is a more viable, more attractive place to build a sustainable business.
The National Cleaning Suppliers Association isn't about a passive collective of like-minded companies, rather it's all about how we can help you, as an individual Member, grow your business!"
Stuart Nicol

Over the next 2 years NCSA will, under our newly-initiated Development Strategy, provide members with a complete package of events, advertising initiatives and promotional programs specifically designed to bring them more business.
Cleanscene Sydney, 2014 has been further developed with new features and attractions. The event, as Australia’s largest, will now be fully supported by a new Marketing Package and financial investment from NCSA specifically designed to attract more Visitors. This is in addition to the campaign run by Informa,  the Cleanscene Organisers.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Welcome to NCSA BLOG

About the National Cleaning Suppliers Association

Welcome to the National Cleaning Suppliers Association, connecting the cleaning industry to the suppliers of cleaning materials and equipment in Australia. Our membership is national and we represent suppliers of every aspect of cleaning – from chemicals to equipment to cleaning accessories. Our suppliers include manufacturers, importers and wholesalers, as well as the retail distribution network.
These suppliers bring to the Australian cleaning industry the latest technology, equipment and methods as well as knowledge and training to support ever aspect of cleaning maintenance and hygiene. This covers all institutions, whether public or private, including health care, educational, food handling, industrial, commercial or residential premises.
This broad spectrum makes the NCSA the ideal organization to advise you and satisfy your needs.

Benefits of an NCSA Membership

  • Showing the world our wares – industry trade shows
  • Seminars and Education Lecturers
  • Industry Networking and Liaison
  • Communication – Regular Newsletter and Web Site Technical Articles
  • Display your products on the website via featured articles and advertising