Monday, 5 May 2014

A Word From Our President. "Making NCSA Your Association"

Dear Member,
'Industry Associations should have one purpose and one purpose only: To be of direct and practical benefit to Members, both as individuals and as a group'.
The Executive Committee has, over the last several months, explored and developed new initiatives to provide greater levels of direct, practical support to Members.
How to provide that support in the context of the challenges faced by our supplier members to provide quality products at competitive prices, is now our core focus.
To that end, I invite all members to make NCSA 'your' Association by providing the executive with feedback as to your needs, so that we can more effectively allocate the Association's human, material and financial resources.
If you derive your income from our industry i'm inviting you to contribute to the sustainability of both the industry and your business.
I therefore call on you to work more closely with the NCSA Board to continue to grow the cleaning industry and ensure it is a more viable, more attractive place to build a sustainable business.
The National Cleaning Suppliers Association isn't about a passive collective of like-minded companies, rather it's all about how we can help you, as an individual Member, grow your business!"
Stuart Nicol

Over the next 2 years NCSA will, under our newly-initiated Development Strategy, provide members with a complete package of events, advertising initiatives and promotional programs specifically designed to bring them more business.
Cleanscene Sydney, 2014 has been further developed with new features and attractions. The event, as Australia’s largest, will now be fully supported by a new Marketing Package and financial investment from NCSA specifically designed to attract more Visitors. This is in addition to the campaign run by Informa,  the Cleanscene Organisers.

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