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White Magic has spread it wings to capture International distributors for its large range of chemical free cleaning products. White Magic just finished exhibiting at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago and had a very positive reaction from international customers. Amongst over 2400 other exhibitors, White Magic stood out for its qualty material, packaging and colours.

White Magic’s retail product offering is focused on quality, innovation and colour to make cleaning a safe, effective and stylish enterprise. Our 7 new colours in our Kitchen cleaning range were a big hit as well as the origianl and best Spin Mop and the little Aussie stain removed Exit Soap. White Magic has committed to exhibit in Chicago for the next 3 years and prove that Australian based distributors can develop a range of products that can be sold internationally. 


The Importance of Proper Leather Care

Contrary to popular belief leather is not self maintaining. Whilst it is low maintenance, it certainly isn’t no maintenance. A simple, regular, maintenance program will help keep your leather looking and feeling like it did when you first bought it.

Without proper cleaning and protection, over time, body oils, sweat and acids that naturally come into contact with your leather will cause cracking, de-lamination and discolouration.  You will see this clearly in areas of high usage such as seat cushions, arm rests etc.

Leather Cleaning

Even the best quality leather is subject to staining and damage, and therefore cleaning is a vital part of leather maintenance. It is essential that you use only special leather cleaners, not general household cleaning products. Most good leather cleaners available to the general public have a neutral pH of around 7. This is a mild cleaner that won’t damage the leather finish. However, as many top coat urethane finishes have a pH of around 9, stronger cleaners are available to professionals for a more thorough clean.

Leather Conditioning

After cleaning, a quality conditioning cream should be applied. The conditioner penetrates into the leather, softening and moisturising the layers to help resist drying and cracking.

Anti-Soiling Systems

In recent years, designers and manufacturers have increasingly selected leathers in light colours such as whites, beiges and lighter earthy tones. These leathers are of high concern to all in the leather industry from manufacturer to the consumer because of the tendency of these leathers to soiling.
Denim transfer, dye transfer (from scatter cushions to tracksuit pants), ink stains, general spillages, dust and dirt are a challenge to keep the leather looking and feeling great for years.
To combat this, “Anti-soiling Systems” have been developed combining a mild cleaner and a protecting layer. After a thorough cleaning to remove all dirt and grease, a Protector such as Stahl’s “Stay Clean” Protector is applied. “Stay Clean” forms an invisible barrier that significantly reduces the tendency for soiling.


PHONE: 1300 554 413

·      SABA Conditioning Crème
·      SABA Leather Cleaner (pH 9) – for Professionals

·      “Stay Clean” Leather Cleaner (pH 7.6)
·      “Stay Clean” Protector
·      Note: “Stay Clean” Cleaner (250ml) and Protector 
(250ml) available in a Boxed Kit 


Unfortunately, by a natural process, over time, the panels acquire a film of dirt. This dirt build-up prevents the panels from maximizing the yield. Solar panels are not self-cleaning. Wind and rain continually deposit dirt, dust and soot particles on solar panels. While rain will wash a certain amount of loose dirt from the panels, stubborn dirt remains behind and builds an ever-increasing opaque barrier to penetration by the sun’s rays. This increases solar light absorption times and lowers efficiency.

It therefore becomes essential, if efficiency is to be maximized, that solar panels are regularly cleaned. And the best way to clean the glass of the panels is with the use of pure water cleaning systems.

Effective water pole systems using pure water are perfect for this purpose. As solar panels are almost always installed on roofs, getting to the panels to clean them can be hazardous and expensive. On the other hand, using a pure water water-pole system means that there is no need to climb on the roof or, worse, use long ladders with the concomitant dangers inherent therein. Even where large installations of panels are installed for professional energy production, the same problems apply.

There are several systems available which allow quick and easy cleaning of panel glass as well as the frames without any spotting or streaks. No chemicals need be used; only pure water. The pure water is produced with a DI (de-ionising) filter using replaceable resin beads which extract all organic matter and mineral salts from the water.

The most popular system incorprates 1.5m long screw-together modular carbon fibre poles. These poles are extremely strong and lightweight reducing the flexibility associated with long, telescopic poles and therefore making such screw-together poles far easier to use.

The threaded joiners are made of aircraft quality aluminium ensuring light weight with durability. In addition, the water entry can be placed high up the pole. It is simply screwed in in the same way as poles are joined. The higher the water entry the less water – and therefore less weight - needs to be carried in the pole system itself.

There is a large range of accessories available that includes a range of goosenecks which permit angles to be created which allow the brush to reach set-back panels which a straight pole would not reach.

Finally a special, extra-soft, non-scratch brush is available, designed specifically for solar panels.

In addition to the screw-together system there are telescopic poles that will reach a height of 65 feet and economy models which are made of fibre-glass or hybrid fibreglass and carbon fibre poles, all telescopic and using clamps to hold each section in place. These are able to reach from the shortest pole at 9ft to the longest pole in this system which can reach 35ft.




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