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ABCO - Australia's most progressive & knowledgeable provider of Cleaning & Hygiene products.
Cleanscene 2014 will see the launch of our comprehensive catalogue, with a huge range of products, cleaning tips, cleaning equipment statistics & comparison guides, plus our unrivalled Customer Promise:
- Price match guarantee
- Dispatch your order of stock products within 24 Hours
- 1 hour response time for enquiries to our Customer Service Team
- No back orders on your “guaranteed stock list” or your order is free!

Sales contact:
Brad Sharpe 

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One FLICK …and you have a comprehensive Washroom Service Program
We care about your washroom... it’s that simple!
Flick provides support in defining your needs and recommending a premium hygiene solution. We offer a comprehensive and consistent washroom service program with a contemporary, stylish product range. Our technicians look after installation of hardware and ensure regular servicing to maintain a fresh, hygienic washroom.
The Flick Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray offers a versatile and effective guard against possible infection and reduces health risks associated with bacteria and cross contamination.
Flick Sanitary Units reduce health and safety risk to your patrons and staff and offer a trusted solution for sanitary waste removal.

Sales Contact:
1300 65 65 31 


New portables turn up the heat!

At Whyte's, we are renowned for both our expertise in the industry and our exemplary customer service. We offer the best equipment available in the carpet and hard surface cleaning industry and offer a wide range of chemicals to suit every need. Our service department has decades of experience in the industry and are able to complete installations anywhere in Australia. Whyte's are proud to showcase their new line of portables, The GreenLine series, able to reach astounding temperatures in minutes.

Jeff Whyte 0418 586 896


Saturday, 26 July 2014


Staples Facility Solutions offers an extensive range of products and services, including trusted brands for chemicals, hardware, washroom and consumables.

Our team has specialists located nationwide, ready to offer professional advice on managing your facility and resolving even the toughest maintenance challenges.

Sales: Email:

Phone: 1300 676 200


High power, highly absorbent and environmentally friendly…

Aquaquick 2000 is a biodegradable and non-toxic hydrocarbon degreaser . It is also a complete environmentally friendly, water-based product that can also be used as a dispersant,surfactant, and fire extinguisher .

Aquaquick 2000 is suitable to remove and biodegrade all kinds of mineral, vegetable , animal, and synthetic oil, fat and grease.

The special nutrients in AQUAQUICK 2000 stimulate and accelerate the growth of micro organisms that are capable of full biodegradation of oil spills in environmental situations.

Sphagsorb is a highly efficient, environmentally safe, industrial, absorbent product that is used on major oil spills. It is easy to use , cost effective and eco – Friendly .

This list below includes some of the common hydrocarbons and industrial chemicals that can be effectively absorbed by SPHAG SORB.


* Cyclohexane

* Diesel fuels

* Gasoline

* Heptane

* Hexane

* Hexene (97%)

* Motor oils

* Paraffin Oil


Robert Tomasevic

Sales Manager

77 Broadmeadow Rd. Broadmeadow NSW 2292

PH. 02 4978 9222 / fax. 02 4961 6221

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Changing the way the world cleans. 

It's not easy being green and clean at the same time. Many commercial cleaning agents are either powerful but toxic or earth-friendly but less effective.
Tersano lotus® PRO is an efficient chemical-free cleaning system that turns ordinary tap water into Aqueous Ozone – nature’s most versatile super-cleaner.

POWERFUL -Kills germs while powering out dirt, stains and odours
COST EFFECTIVE - Simple and easy to use , only one solution for your general cleaning requirements
SAFE - Harmless to humans , animals and the planet
CHEMICAL-FREE: - 100% natural with no carcinogens or chemical residue
SUSTAINABLE- Breaks down to water and oxygen once it’s finished working. 

Nora Potter |Tersano Australia Pty Ltd
T 02 8197 9929 |M 0418 655 634 |
PO Box 824 Marrickville NSW 1475

The Tersano Lotus Pro is HACCP approved as a no-rinse sanitiser for food preparation areas and can be used in spray bottles, mopping systems, auto-scrubbers and carpet extractors.


Creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world. 

Tennant’s products are designed to sustainably clean indoor and outdoor spaces with fewer resources and reduced emissions. Our range of scrubbers use less water through chemical-free scrubbing technologies and our sweepers are equipped with innovative dust filtration systems to protect indoor air quality.
Tennant’s new range of battery burnishers produce the same high-gloss result without the noise, emission and expense of propane.

T: +61 2 8718 9718
F: +61 2 8718 9719

For more information prior to the show email us at

Tennant’s B7 & B10, part of the Battery Burnisher family.

CLEANING INDUSTRY WEEK 'The Event of the Year'

Social Program sets a cracking pace 

ITS NCSA's 40th Anniversary…AND YOU'RE INVITED 

Kicking off the week on the evening of Monday, September 1 will be NCSA's 40th Anniversary Party. 

On Day #1 of CLEANSCENE WEEK  we're inviting all Exhibitors to join us for a celebration at the end of the day. 


Already cementing its established reputation as the Industry's 'Social Event of the Year, the 2014 CLEANSCENE Gala Dinner promises to be a blockbuster ...a celebration and recognition of the Industry's 'Legends of Cleaning'. 

Legends Room
The Dinner will be held Wednesday, September 3, 6:30 pm until late, in 'The Legends' Room at the ANZ Olympic Stadium in Sydney, the site of many Australian sporting legends' achievements  in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. 

To cap the evening off, NCSA  will also be formally inaugurating the Memorial Honour Roll as the permanent record for our own 'Legends of Cleaning' and announcing the 'Industry Achievers' Award. 

Book early as we expect a significant response from most sectors of the Industry…and the Room's capacity is limited. 


As a fitting finale to the week, Industry leaders from both the supply and service sides will be invited by the Association to a 'Back to the Future Breakfast'. 

Intended as a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas on the current challenges facing the Industry, participants will also be invited to take a trip into the future to further explore opportunities and the impact of change on one of Australia's most dynamic industries. 


Please book early as places will be limited. 
Email Terry Fraser, NCSA CEO at <>

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


The Fusion of Technology and Botany to Create Natural Solutions

Botanical Innovations is an Australian Bio Technology company adding value to naturally occurring elements to create natural solutions which add value to plant, food and peoples health.

Botanical Innovations Peoples Health has developed ULTRA PURUS Colour Coded Sanitisers and Disinfectants.

ULTRA PURUS Colour Coded Sanitisers and Disinfectants:

ULTRA PURUS AQUA Cutlery and Utensils

Botanical Innovations range of ULTRA PURUS products include proprietary natural bio sanitizers, disinfectants and industrial cleaning products for the hospitality, food service, healthcare and industrial and manufacturing industries. All Botanical Innovations products are made from natural ingredients are safe to handle, residue and chemical free.
Working with essential oils and naturally derived products Botanical Innovations is taking the latest technological advances in extraction, purification and application of naturally occurring substances to address the growing need to create a sustainable future by reducing reliance on artificial chemicals and non biodegradable products. 

Botanical Innovations
PO Box 184 Molong NSW 2866 Australia
Telephone: 02 63668667


The Commercial Washroom Specialists 

Davidson Washroom is the Australian distributor for Mediclinics hand dryers, Bobson washroom fittings and consumables, PYSECT natural pyrethrum insecticide as well as a complete range of stainless steel washroom dispensers for soap, sanitiser and paper. 

Consumables include fragrance aerosols, urinal mats and tabs, liquid soap, sanitiser and 'Sweet Lu'. 

Contact: Rino Pittello
              Sales Manager
              02 9648 3570

Mediclinics Dualflow Plus is the latest ‘green’ hand drying technology

Mediclinics Dualflow Plus is the latest ‘green’ hand drying technology


Pall Mall releases 'Gala' Microfibre Mops

Pall Mall Manufacturing, one of the largest importers and manufacturers of commercial cleaning accessories in Australia, is very excited to announce the recent release of their Gala Microfibre Mops to add to their premium quality Gala 400 Mop.

Targeted at the quality-conscious user, the mop excels as an efficient, effective, yet economical cleaning tool. It has a superb mopping action together with super absorbency by utilising the latest in microfibre cleaning technology.

These 450g round mops are the first and only fully colour coded microfibre mops available in Australia with both the socket and the yarn in matching colours. Available in Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and White, the two-ply twist yarn with looped ends reduces linting and fraying with the 100% microfibre technology collecting more grease, more dust and more dirt then conventional mops.

The texture of the fibres gives minimal drag on the floor, while allowing for far superior drying ability with the round shape and straight tail banding providing far greater floor coverage and easier drying of the mop.

To coincide with this launch, every Gala Microfibre Mop you purchase comes with one extra free Gala Microfibre Mop of your choice of colour until 30 September 2014 and is now available from your local quality Gala Mop stockist.

Errol Goldberg
Pall Mall Manufacturing Co. Pty. Ltd.
Unit 1a, 167 Bonds Road, Riverwood NSW 2210
Tel: 02 9584 8644, Fax: 02 9584 8744

The Gala MicroFibre Mop is targeted towards the quality conscious user – the colour-coded Gala Microfibre Mop excels as an efficient, effective, yet economical cleaning tool.


Industry training at its best! 

Having the reputation as the industry leader with a track record of delivering high quality training, Lennox Institute has expanded it’s suite of programs. Our new short programs and tool box talks are designed to address immediate needs while our strategic programs are designed to have a sustainable long term impact on your business.
Our online and customised training programs are affordable, accessible and quickly deliver the results you need.

Contact: Paul Morrall
Phone: 1300130666

Trainee- friendly Course Induction tablet


World’s BEST Steam Cleaners on display at Cleanscene by Steam Australia.

For commercial or domestic cleaning, nothing cleans vacuums and sanitises like the power of steam.

Steam Australia supplies Europe’s best range of steam cleaning machines.
Steam will deep clean all areas which would be otherwise difficult or impossible to access with ease.

With the latest and very best steam cleaning technology, you could save thousands of dollars in chemical and labour.

We look forward to discussing your specific requirements, to see how steam can be incorporated into your business.

We are also always looking for motivated distributors around Australia.

For more information on Steam Australia and our range of products,

contact us on 1300 79 50 50 or visit our comprehensive website

Mark Rosenberg
Steam Australia
1300 79 50 50
0403 745 Pegasso906



Tuesday, 8 July 2014

White Magic

White Magic 

White Magic has spread it wings to capture International distributors for its large range of chemical free cleaning products. White Magic just finished exhibiting at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago and had a very positive reaction from international customers. Amongst over 2400 other exhibitors, White Magic stood out for its qualty material, packaging and colours.

White Magic’s retail product offering is focused on quality, innovation and colour to make cleaning a safe, effective and stylish enterprise. Our 7 new colours in our Kitchen cleaning range were a big hit as well as the origianl and best Spin Mop and the little Aussie stain removed Exit Soap. White Magic has committed to exhibit in Chicago for the next 3 years and prove that Australian based distributors can develop a range of products that can be sold internationally.