Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Changing the way the world cleans. 

It's not easy being green and clean at the same time. Many commercial cleaning agents are either powerful but toxic or earth-friendly but less effective.
Tersano lotus® PRO is an efficient chemical-free cleaning system that turns ordinary tap water into Aqueous Ozone – nature’s most versatile super-cleaner.

POWERFUL -Kills germs while powering out dirt, stains and odours
COST EFFECTIVE - Simple and easy to use , only one solution for your general cleaning requirements
SAFE - Harmless to humans , animals and the planet
CHEMICAL-FREE: - 100% natural with no carcinogens or chemical residue
SUSTAINABLE- Breaks down to water and oxygen once it’s finished working. 

Nora Potter |Tersano Australia Pty Ltd
T 02 8197 9929 |M 0418 655 634 |
PO Box 824 Marrickville NSW 1475

The Tersano Lotus Pro is HACCP approved as a no-rinse sanitiser for food preparation areas and can be used in spray bottles, mopping systems, auto-scrubbers and carpet extractors.

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