Thursday, 5 June 2014


'What can I do for you mate?!" Association perspective.

Its a uniquely Australian qualitymateship.
You'd do things for your mate, you wouldn't do for your family!
Mates have a lot in common: barracking for the same favourite team; wouldnt be seen driving anything else but the same make of car; listening to the same musicand probably drinking the same beer!
Mates not only give you the best rates, but are also loyal and ready to help out when times are tough.
'Best rates'. 'Loyalty'. 'Helping out when times are tough'.
In today's increasingly tough economic times, its NCSA's contention that providing as much support as possible for its Members honours the spirit and essence of good, old Australian mateship.
"Over the last 6-8 months, NCSA has been looking very closely at what Members need and want to consolidate and grow their individual businesses.
As an Association, we can only justify our continued existence by becoming increasingly more supportive of our Membersby being better 'mates" states CEO Terry Fraser
"To provide that increased level of support, we have, since late last year, focused on consolidating the Association's finances, building a strong, experienced Executive and putting in place projects and initiatives specifically designed to be of greater benefits to Members.
Now, we're ready to launch those programs and get closer to individual Members, so we are more responsive to their needs.
An Association is, and should be 'its Member's best mate' when it comes to keeping them informed on important Industry matters; providing access to resources which are practical and helpful; encouraging a spirit of unity, not only amongst Members, but within the wider Industry"

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