Friday, 8 August 2014


BCSAA …serving the Building Services Contracting Industry 
BSCAA is the national employer organisation assisting contract cleaners, regardless of size to manage  labour effectively and efficiently.  

Our mission is to provide industry development, training and advice on industrial relations and industry best practice to assist our members in the running of the businesses, to  establish strong relationships with industry stakeholders and government and raise the profile andprofessionalism of the industry.    

BSCAA endorses sustainable cleaning methods to enhance the healthand well-being of our environment and the recognizes the value of education and the provision of career  paths for our workforce, our most valuable asset. 

For information: 
Helen Thurtell 
Executive Assistant 
BSCAA NSW Division 
Ph: 02 9437 4411 
        02 9439 0142 
Fax: 02 9906 8146 
PO Box 554, Crows Nest, NSW 1585

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