Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Polished Concrete Low Maintenance Floors

The growing trend of utilizing Polished Concrete Floors as a design element for retail & residential flooring has become the norm.

Polished Concrete system is now the most popular  flooring system in the world.

Polished Concrete floors are more hygienic, easier to maintain and a lot more durable than tiles, carpet and timber and have the lowest maintenance cost..

The old systems of applying sealers onto concrete is obsolete and the new technology today is called Densification .

 Densificaiton  is a system of chemically modifying & hardening the existing concrete floor . Not all densifiers work well and one only  needs to look at some of our larger retail floors to see how some of the lower grades of  densifiers  have not performed over 5 or 10 years.

A properly Densifified  (hardened floor)  floor will be harder than any other material and so much more durable that it will last indefinitely when maintained correctly.
The best Densification system is chemically modified
potassium  as it  reacts the best with concrete and produces the hardest floors.
With added  unique extra chemicals polished concrete t can be  stain proof as well.

When polishing concrete it is important also to have flat floors.
The flatter the floor the higher the reflection.
There are different types of finishes which can be achieved such as fully exposed, semi exposed and also none exposed finishes.
Using a professional Polished Concreter, with experience and the correct equipment   will produce the best results.

Polished Concrete floors are used in Major chains, individual outlets for Retail, Grocery, Automotive, Hardware  Centers , Restaurants, Box Stores & homes.
All these have switched their concept of flooring from Tile, Carpet and Wood to Polished Concrete.

Old floors can be turned into new durable floors, even that old garage floor could be turned into your next family room by polishing the exiting concrete.
Old warehouses can look as good as new with a quality  Polished Concrete  floor.
Cracked floors can be repaired with Fusion which is unique and is the most durable.
You can also use Polished Concrete  on external floors and produce the correct slip co efficiency.

So next time you are in Sydney visit “the Polished Concrete Showroom”
at 113 Baxter Road Mascot (open mon to fri 8am to 4pm) and see our display of different finishes and color concrete floors  or just go to our web site
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  2. Once the concrete is sanded down and polished or sealed, it looks perfectly refined.
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