Friday, 15 May 2015


LEGENDS AWARD : This award is to recognize Individuals who have made significant contributions to the Cleaning Industry over many years of service within it. Such things as improving standards, safety aspects, training, serving with various Industry associations, longevity of service and other aspects that may be deemed to have been of a significant nature in various forms.

This award is based on a Perpetual Trophy in memory of the initial recipient, Gerry Goldberg. The award may not necessarily be given out each year, as it will only be given when a nominated person is judged to be a worthy recipient. This is done to ensure that a high standard is maintained and is respectful of the Trophy name and intentions.

Download Legends Award Form Here

INDUSTRY ACHIEVERS AWARD: This award is designed to recognize individuals who have shown themselves to be making strong achievements in their chosen fields. It is open to all aspects of our Industry, from Manufacture, Supply, Service, Distribution and other relevant areas. It is intended that this award will allow that individual to be given the opportunity of further training and experience, from support given by the Sponsors of the award in various formats. It is hoped that this will assist in showing that our Industry is one where careers and opportunities abound, and to hopefully entice people to remain in the industry and also offer opportunities to young people entering it.

Again, this award may not necessarily be given out each year as it is designed to be one of high recognition and standard. It will only be given when a nominated individual is seen to be a worthy recipient.

Download Industry Achievers Form Here

Nominations for awards in 2015 will close on 31st August 2015.

For further information about these awards, please email enquiries to or phone mobile : 0415 525 255.

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